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“A while ago I had an idea, which was to make something out of my debt letters – that I’ve never thrown away – and then sell that thing for the amount of debt I’m in. I thought long and hard, and finally decided to print all the debt letters onto material & stitch them together to make a patchwork duvet.

It was a cathartic experience to sit for hours, weeks, months… hand stitching debt letters together; having to be so patient with something that had partly happened because of impatience and frustration.

As I stitched, I reflected upon the times that wouldn’t have happened if this debt hadn’t accrued. Debt has become such a huge part of my life. I give it much attention by talking, thinking about it, and wishing it would just go a-blinking-way. But then I ask: who would I be without it? Maybe I’ve become comfortable with my debt. Of course, not so much so that I don’t want to sell it for, well, a lot of money.

Will it really put my debt to bed though? That’s probably just me dreaming…”

Rebecca Simmonds

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Debt Duvet by Rebecca Simmonds

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